Thursday, October 2, 2008

A pro reader for the rest of us

CFFire800 with Adapter from EverythingHerePlus.comWhen released their CFFire800 Pro reader for CompactFlash cards, I was waiting for them to add a FireWire 400 option. Since I switched from my Pismo PowerBook to an iMac G5, I have had to download photos to iPhoto over the Canon S70's slow USB connection. I have been waiting for an affordable FireWire reader ever since.'s CFFire800 Pro FireWire 800 to CompactFlash Drive Read-Writer has a 9-pin FireWire 800 plug and I couldn't find a converter plug. Now is offering such a plug for those of us that need to use the lightning fast reader with FireWire 400. Their FireWire 800 9pin (female) to 6pin (male) Converter Plug allows use of the CFFire800 Pro for the rest of us. From everything I have read, and my own testing so far, this reader is much faster than USB 2.0 models even when used over FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394a) mode.

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