Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not all USB 2.0 Y Cables are the same - DoubleQueue features quality engineering!

DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable at EverythingHerePlus.comThe DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable was created to the exacting standards of a major WWAN hardware manufacturer. This meant it couldn't be cheaply or poorly designed like many competing cables. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable had to pass rigorous testing of standards bodies like the USB-IF, FCC, and others before it was included in the OEM package for major wireless carriers. One of the keys to DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable's quality is the split for the power cables is located in the plug where there is the most shielding and the least amount of stresses from movement. Many USB 2.0 Y cables split mid-cable, which is why they aren't standards compliant. DoubleQueue's connectors meet or exceed the USB-IF exacting requirements, and its highest quality EMI shielding assures USB 2.0's maximum throughput of up to 480Mbps. This in turn, makes the DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable the best choice for a range of devices including 3G/4G WWAN devices like the Kyocera KPC680 or Option Wireless GT Max 3.6 Express, the MicroU2E family of adapters, and even hard drives and SSD devices requiring extra electrical current.

The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable features two upstream male A connectors, one for data and power, one for power only, and provides a downstream female A connector. Designed for notebooks and computers that don't provide enough current at their USB 2.0 ports, DoubleQueue's ability to draw power from a second port allows power hungry devices like WWAN 3G modems and hard drives. Some computers provide as little as 300mA per port, which while within specification, is woefully inadequate for many USB 2.0 devices. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable's ability to provide up to 1000mA to 1200mA when used with 500mA ports, and up to 600mA when used with 300mA ports. Providing a female A receptacle allows DoubleQueue to accept USB 2.0 and 1.1 male A cable ends and devices like the MicroU2E-MV without any other adapters. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable can be used as a normal USB 2.0 extender cable simple by using the data and power portion of the cable only.

Available at for just $3.50 with inexpensive USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Friday, December 11, 2009

FireWire 4 to 6-pin Cable with Gold Plated Connectors, DV quality at big box prices

 FireWire 400 4 to 6pin Cable 1.8M/6F with Gold Plated Connectors at EverythingHerePlus.comBafo's Premium line of FireWire cables feature ultra high density, triple shielded, high intensity copper for the most stabilized impedance and the highest digital video signal transfer available. Like all the premium line, this FireWire 4 to 6pin Cable has 24K pure hardened gold plated contacts to maintain high bandwidth and maximum data signal integrity. Bafo Premium line quality and standards compliance rival those of far more expensive cables. This 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire 400 cable is perfect for use with DV Camcorders featuring mini-DV, iLINK, FireWire 400 connectors. 1.8M (6 foot) is the most frequently requested length. The FireWire 4 to 6pin Cable is made with lead-free, RoHS compliant, and environmentally safe materials for a better world.

Available at for just $5.00 with $5.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Using Text Configuration Files with NetInfo Manager

Using Text Configuration Files with NetInfo Manager

NetInfo Manager, like most NeXT style applications utilizing the columnar data presentation, is clumsy at best for entering information. Only the most stalwart advocate would be caught trying to use it to enter any lengthy lists of data. Fortunately Apple provides an alternative to those used to the elegant simplicity of text configuration files. Here we will populate NetInfo with a hosts listing from a standard BSD hosts file. This is a simple and very practical example.

To see the very specific format NetInfo prefers the hosts file, and to prevent missing any important information, let's export the existing data from Netinfo first. Make sure the resulting file is in /etc/hosts (permissions apply).

nidump hosts local@localhost

Once we've added all the additional entries, we can now reimport the data into NetInfo Manager.

sudo niload -v hosts . < /etc/hosts

For a full overview of command line utility access to NetInfo, execute apropos netinfo and read the corresponding man pages. We are also assuming that the reader is familiar with maintaining standard Unix host files.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FireRepeater-800 PRO 5 Port FireWire 800 Repeater Hub

FireRepeater-800 Pro 5 Port at EverythingHerePlus.comUnibrain's FireRepeater-800 PRO 5 Port Repeater Hub provides port expansion on FireWire 800 IEEE 1394b device chains. Oriented towards industrial and machine vision applications, FireRepeater-800 PRO provides the ability to connect up to five FireWire 800 devices and it's metallic compact case minimizes the risk of physical damage. The platform agnostic device provides five bilingual 9 pin FireWire 800 ports with a maximum throughput of up to 800 Mbps each. The Hub utilizes FireWire 800 bus power, or accepts an optional power adapter for use with devices requiring more power. The FireRepeater-800 PRO enables bus flexibility in that it allow for daisy chaining and/or hierarchical (tree) bus configurations. The FireRepeater-800 PRO also provides a means to lengthen the distance between devices when a single FireWire cable's length is inadequate. Simply daisy chain repeaters between cables to extend your reach. FireRepeater-800 PRO incorporates locking capable 9 pin bilingual ports, multiple mounting points and an optional metal bracket to ensure an even more secure physical connection.

Available at at low prices with USPS Priority Mail shipping.