Friday, April 25, 2014

Hands on with Synchrotech's M-520 Portable Bluetooth Mono Speaker

Synchrotech lent us one of their M-520 speakers to play with for an afternoon. The first thing that was apparent was that this device's fit and finish belied its under thirty dollar price tag. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and feel, and the photos really don't do it justice.

We needed to charge the unit before using it. The included power adapter allows charging off a USB port, or a power outlet. We opted for the former and let the unit charter for an hour before putting it through the paces.

We took turns pairing it with our phones including my with my iPhone 5S, and another tester's HTC One. Connecting speaker was simple and straightforward. We were surprised at the sound quality and volume capabilities. While the M-520 speaker didn't output Bose or Klipsch quality audio, it certainly sounded good for a portable monophonic device—even at full volume.

What we liked best about the M-520 was the price. At under thirty dollars, we'd be willing to bring it to the beach or leave it on a busy picnic table in the park, because we wouldn't be heartbroken if something happened to it. Our experience with the speaker made us hope that we'll get a chance to test out its stereo cousin, the M-530.